Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Thoughts for the Start of Year 12

For all those who are finding year twelve tough, and thinking that they will never get through it, just think about this. Remember all those year ago, in kindergarten. You're  trying to learn how to count to a hundred, without missing a single number. Every time you go through it in your head, you seem to forget just one little thing. its frustrating, but you know you have to learn it. Now, you sit there thinking how easy it is. You don't even have to think about it, right? But at the time, it seemed like the hardest thing in the world. 

It's two year later, and you're staying up late to finish your first ever assignment. You want to do it perfect, just to show you can. It's 8:30pm and you're tired, but you have to keep going because its due tomorrow morning. As you colour in your last butterfly,  and draw a little box around each piece of text you have glued on, you look at your work with pride. Think about how many assignments you have done since then, and how much more work is involved now. Didn't it seem like a lot of work in year 2 as well?

Just a year later and you're sitting your very first outside of school test. Your desks a separate and in neat rows. It's strange sitting in the gym when you don't have sport. The texts come on special paper, and you have to be very careful when your writing your name in the boxes on the front. As the teacher tells you it's time to start, you open the book nervously. The questions are multiple choice, with a separate answer sheet. When you think back to it now, were those questions as easy as they seem now? Or we're they just as hard as your advanced maths questions are now?

What I am trying to say is that, even though the work has gotten harder over the year, you have gotten smarter and you can handle harder work. You've done this over and over again, and even though you can do primary school work now without even thinking about it, when you were learning it for the first time it seemed just as hard as anything now does. Whatever school tries to through your way, just remember you got through it then and you will get through it now.

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