Thursday, April 25, 2013


Ok, so here's the story. I had been best friends with this girl for five years, when things started to go wrong. Just little things, like always fighting, not reply, not really caring about the other person etc. I'm not saying it was entirely her fault, but I was the one who was trying to fix the friendship (which wasn't overly working)

It ended with her one day blocking me on Facebook. There was no aggravating circumstances, it was just a random decision. Anyway, I tried ringing and texting and messaging from my other Facebook account, but got nothing. No explanation at all. So this was pretty upsetting, but eventually I sort of moved on. Well as well as you can move on after five years being best friends.

Then, the other day, I decided to send her a text. Just to say I was sorry, and that maybe we have changed and to put the offer out there for us to be 'Facebook friends' I wasn't really expecting a reply, I was just testing the water to see what would happen.

Well she replied. She sent me a text saying how she was sorry, and that she had been a bitch and she shouldn't have done that and that she had been going through some stuff. I'm not sure how much of it to believe, but I decided that after five years, she deserved the benefit of the doubt.

So now we're friends on Facebook. I'm not really sure how this is going to work out. It could go well, with us being friends again. Or it could just stay as nothing. My plan is to just play it really cool and let things happen. It was her fault it ended, so it's up to her to put the effort in to making it better.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Looking for new music.

I want to expand my music. This kind of started this afternoon, when I was sitting on my computer wanting new Cimorelli music (which happens a lot, but more so today because it has been two weeks since the last cover and they normally post every two weeks) when I started looking on YouTube for other artists.

None of them really have the same magic and energy that Cimorelli have. None of them have the 'spark' but they are the next best thing. I wanted to tell you about the process my brain goes through when watching a new artist.

First of all I look at the thumbnail. If it catches my eye, then often I click it. If its just you, sitting on your bed with a camera and a guitar, chances are it won't catch my eye. Although it might, you never know. It depends on my mood sometimes.

From here it enters a process of probation. I watch the video, and if I make it to the end, you going good. If I like it, I often subscribe to come back to later. Then I sort of look at your videos over time, or all at once if I really fall in love with you. If I find myself thinking 'I want to listen to that song' then you have definitely made it.

If you have any artists you think I should look at, comment them below. I like sibling groups for some reason, and properly recorded video. Something that looks interesting. It can't be a bad choice of song either.

Why I'm a Member of the CimFam

I suppose the best way to explain this, would be to start with a story.

Almost a year ago, some time in July last year, I was chilling on my lounge at home, watching the Olympics, when they used the song 'Call Me Maybe' for one of the segments. Well that kind of caused the song to be stuck in my head. As I was playing on my ipad at the time, I thought, why don't I just look it up? Me being me, I didn't realise that the app I used wouldn't show you the original songs, only covers. After a little bit of search, my eyes return to a song at the very top of the page. The song is on MattyB's channel, and it's his parody of Call Me Maybe with Cimorelli.

Something about that video caught my attention. I'll admit I wasn't immediately hooked, as my memories seem to keep trying to tell me I was, but I never really am. After a little bit of scrolling through the links, I started watching more of Cimorelli's videos. And I was hooked. There was something in the videos, something I fell in love with.

It's taken me almost a year, but I think I've figured out what it was. There is this magic about their videos, something I haven't been able to find in any other artist. There is this sense of carefree fun, that really seems to come across. There is this feeling of love. Cimorelli aren't like everyone else, who only cares about how they look or how many people subscribe to them. Cimorelli have more than that, they have this energy which radiates from the videos, and is felt in every single viewer.

Cimorelli also have this strong connection with their fans. It feels, almost, as if every video they make is for us as much as it is for them. We are a family, we are the CimFam. Everyone who counts themselves as part of the CimFam feels it. The love and happiness and fun that comes from family. It's easy to feel happy watching their videos.

I'm not sure if I'm getting this across right, but I hope that everyone who feels the same will understand what I'm saying.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Starting fresh for 2013

So I'm starting fresh. I'm going to become a blogger, a proper blogger, not a once every couple of months if the mood is right blogger. One that posts regularly, and is entertaining. If that is even possible...

Anyway, I want to be a writer, so I need to show the world that I can write. This seems a good place to start...

Hold up... I don't think I even introduced myself! I'm Ellie. I'm a seventeen year old girl who lives in NSW Australia. I love Cimorelli (Proud CimFam!) Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Taylor Swift, Delta Goodrem and a few thousand other things. I'm trying to get into more music, I swear.

Well it's 1am, so I better go. This was just a short little introduction and I post soon!