Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Looking for new music.

I want to expand my music. This kind of started this afternoon, when I was sitting on my computer wanting new Cimorelli music (which happens a lot, but more so today because it has been two weeks since the last cover and they normally post every two weeks) when I started looking on YouTube for other artists.

None of them really have the same magic and energy that Cimorelli have. None of them have the 'spark' but they are the next best thing. I wanted to tell you about the process my brain goes through when watching a new artist.

First of all I look at the thumbnail. If it catches my eye, then often I click it. If its just you, sitting on your bed with a camera and a guitar, chances are it won't catch my eye. Although it might, you never know. It depends on my mood sometimes.

From here it enters a process of probation. I watch the video, and if I make it to the end, you going good. If I like it, I often subscribe to come back to later. Then I sort of look at your videos over time, or all at once if I really fall in love with you. If I find myself thinking 'I want to listen to that song' then you have definitely made it.

If you have any artists you think I should look at, comment them below. I like sibling groups for some reason, and properly recorded video. Something that looks interesting. It can't be a bad choice of song either.

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