Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick Post

Just a quick little post. I promise, I'll sit down and write something proper soon, but for now, here is an update.

Why does year 12 have to be so stressful? It feels, at the moment, as if there is a never ending stream of things to do. For example, today: go to Business, go write Business summaries, eat lunch, go to Legal, go to Extension 2 English meeting, write some more, eat again, go to chapel, go to maths, go home, get changed, eat dinner, go to guides, run activity/make bead creatures, go home.....

See? There is no break, it's just a mindless series of things that have to be done. It also leaves very little times for other things in life that maybe aren't as crucial as school work, for example updating this blog.

Well I suppose it's only for a year, or by this stage another 6 months, and then what? We get thrown into living our lives. That's the other thing the don't tell you on the brochure. Sure, they tell you about the exams, and assignments, and homework, and classes, and hours of study, that you are supposed to do, but they forget to mention that while all of that is going on, you are supposed to be making some of the most crucial decisions so far in your life.

Where are you going to go to uni? Are you even going to go to uni? Where will you live? How will you afford it? Do you want to take a gap year? What sort of career do you want to have? How much work will you need to put in?

All these decisions about the next year, all of which need to be considered in great detail. Then they try and tell you, you should be focusing on your school work, as if the decisions you make for school aren't going to affect everything else.

But I guess, what I'm getting at, is that despite the bad marks, late nights, never ending lists, and big decisions, we just have to keep going, keeping finding that path through all the chaos, knowing that eventually, in less than a years time, we will find the clearing at the end and then, life can truly begin again.

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