Thursday, February 17, 2011

I said I would, so I did

Hmm well I have to tell you the news, my friend thinks that I am crazy because I believe in wicca. Logic there? None. Well I guess that is the typical response, I mean wicca does involve witchcraft and how many people, when you basically say to them: I'm a witch!!! Are going to think you totally sane? Not many I guess. But I'm not crazy! Ok maybe slightly but its not a bad thing!

On another note he also said that I live in a fantasy world and that I know nothing about the real world. Umm hello, I think you can learn more about the true nature of the world by watching Buffy and Angel and reading books then you ever can living where we live. I mean, does anything bad ever happen here! This place is so dull and boring and "perfect"

I do not live in a fantasy world, I just love reading. I read all sort of books, not all of them fantasy. The book I am reading at the moment isn't fantasy, its non-fiction. Ok so it is about witchcraft but its still non-fiction.

I can't concentrate on my blog post as I am talking to my friend on skype. Oh, by the way I said that I would try and post today and I did so yay for me.

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