Monday, September 19, 2011


Yeah that just about sums up life at the moment... STRESS!!! With assignments, and guide camps and School Certificate and writing courses and other commitment, life has become very fast paced and stressful... just clicked post options... there aren't really many options are there?? ANYWAY, got a bit distracted there... what was I saying?? Oh yeah, stress!! Really at the moment I haven't had all that much time for, well, anything really... it has all been WORK WORK WORK. Although if you told mum I said that she would probably tell you a different story, but what does she know!! She isn't my life so really, she hasn't got a clue.... OH!!! I need to go and wake her up to order my new phone battery!!! Hmmm I better go do that because I kinda need it to get HERE by Friday, so I can take it on holiday on Saturday... I better go... it should get here though so YAY

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