Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Just finished all my trial school certificate exams! YAY! AND I have finished all the assignments that need to be done, except for one which I will be presenting this afternoon.... and it is school holidays this weekend, so overall I am in a pretty good mood at the moment. Have you noticed how the time on all of these posts is pretty messed up? Well you probably haven't but it is. I mean it is saying I am posting it at 6:24pm, when really it is 11.27am.... I may have to fix that, I wonder if I set my location as the wrong area or something? Remind me to go and look sometime... should I change the time or should I just leave it? Why is everyone leaving the library? The bell won't go for another 12 minutes... thats strange, I'm worried now... oh well!! Oh dear my friend has just walked in the library.... I may have to actually go now.... my posts aren't very long are they?? Hmmm oh well, I will have to go now then.... BYE! I will TRY and post again soon but no promises... mainly because I will probably forget and not post, or something like that..

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