Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two questions...

Ok so a friend of mine asked me two questions: Is it possible to be home sick for a place you have never been to? and is it possible to miss someone you have never met? So I guess this is my attempt at answering them, but if anyone reading this has a different answer then I would like to here it, just comment on this post.

Is it possible to be home sick for a place you have never been to?

Well I would say home sick is the wrong term to use. Home sick sort of implys that that is your home. If you have never been there then it can't be your home can it? But I answer to the actual question I would have to say that it you have a special connect to that place in some way then maybe you can miss it even though you have never been there.

I asked another of my friends this and they said: 'Maybe if in a past life something special happened to you there then you could feel home sick for that place' Now to say this was true would be kinda saying that there are such things as past life. I don't think I believe in them, because if they were real what would be the point of this life?

Now on to the second question:

Is it possible to miss someone that you have never met?

Umm I'm not really sure what my answer to this question is. I guess maybe you can, if you feel that you know them really well. Maybe if this person died before you got to meet them you could miss them simply out of gief.

Ok for anyone out there reading this, can you please help me out?

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