Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Five years old and getting more anoying

I have this five year old sister who is REALLY anoying. She is forever anoying me. She get treated like a princess by my parents, she never gets punished for anything and she gets whatever she wants. My parents don't believe that she has the ability to lie even though she has lied to them before. Aparently she is just "playing"

Every time I ask her to do something she just says in her snobbist voice: "I don't have to do it" or "I don't wanna do it" She never listens to anything I tell her to do. She is forever coming into my room and when I tell her to get out she just says: "No"

She thinks that its all right to kick me and hit me if she is trying to do something.

How do I get her to start behaving?


  1. I might suggest picking her up and carrying her out of your room if she refuses to leave it.

    Your room is private. She shouldn't be going in there. If she won't leave, she can just as easily be removed (if she hits you least she's out of your room, right?)

  2. Nathan: (sorry doing this from school, can't be bothered signing in) If my room is privated how come I am not allowed to have picture of weevils and stuff because they scare her? I mean if she stayed out of my room she wouldn't see them would she?